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Your Beauty Coach Professional for Acti-Labs

Ilene Aitchison
P: (813) 453-8265
F: (630) 563-0615

Website: http://www.yourbeautycoachpro.com


Ilene Aitchison, Your Beauty Coach Pro, is a Founding Ambassador for Acti-Labs.  Acti-Labs is a direct sales company from the UK, which recently launched here in the US.  We develop and manufacture our own products in our laboratory located in France.  Our products are medically-inspired and spa-quality, and include all natural cosmetics, skin care, body care, body wraps, hair care, and diet aids.  Since we are the manufacturer, our prices are affordable (approximately 70% less than you would find in a high-end department store).  You may find our products and business opportunity at www.YourBeautyCoachPro.com, or call Ilene directly at 813.453.8265.