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Aligned Consciousness

P: (804) 314-7611

Website: http://www.alignedconsciousness.com


Judy Kane, founder of Aligned Consciousness, helps you rewrite subconscious, self-limiting beliefs so that they support your conscious goals, using an energy psychology called PSYCH-K. This is a fast way to make changes that can help you experience your life the way you want. Types of changes include relief from major disrupting emotions (trauma, grief, phobias, anxiety), and re-scripting beliefs which are preventing you from achieving your goals and/or are the root cause of physical symptoms of stress.  Wee have offices in Tarpon Spribgs and in Palm Harbor, and also see clients in virtual appointments using videoconferencing platforms such as Zoom, Skype and Facetime.  Please see www.alignedconsciousness.com for more information about hours, locations, and rates.